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The CAAB has realized a semi-automatic system called ROTO-MATIC for the production of artifacts cycle continued of vibrated reinforced concrete elements, for example concrete panels, plaster-plates, floor infill panels, etc.

Technical solutions and cutting-edge construction, adopted for the first time in the production of vibrated reinforced concrete elements allow to this kind of system to have:

Extreme elasticity of production on the same platform

in fact they can be produced a variety of artifacts, varying thickness, length, width, with modest intervention.

High levels of production per hour to operate

The mechanized front line, designed for a work called "transfer" with 7 or more work positions, allows a rational dislocation of the operators on both major sides of the platform based on the number of steps for the preparation of the product.

A wide range of accessories, like pincers and picking, brushing machines for cleaning and oiling of flatcars, concrete dispensers, all automated as much as possible and positioned at various stations, allow saving of workforce employed




The UNISOL 75 was born in 1972 as a prototype and through successive modernization , now it can be considered as one of the best existing plants on the market for the prefabrication of floor joists.

Its low running costs and its high reliability have enabled the CAAB to sell many UNI SOL 75 plants in European countries and even in north African countries.


The main merits of the UNISOL 75 can be summarized as follows:

- SAVING: Years of refinement of the productive techniques have enabled us to reach the best compromise between productivity and purchase price.

- RELIABILITY: Our long experience and the continuous modernizations together with the quality of the materials used assure the good operation of the plant even under the most difficult conditions.

- FLEXIBILITY AND PRODUCTIVITY: The peculiar structure of the plant makes it possible to produce floor joists with variously shaped bottom parts or even without it but without reducing its productivity and reliability

DESCRIPTION OF UNISOL 75 for the production of floor joists, made up of:

- Parking platform consisting of rollers and mechanized heads that allow the mould to rotate both longitudinally and transversely

- This parking platform is 19 metres large and its length can be increased to 22 or 25 without changing the mechanical and oleo dynamic parts, specially built for this purpose

- Ribbed moulds of high quality sheet, with a length of 9 metres for producing a concrete or brick concrete. On each mould it is possible to obtain two or three submultiples of the 9 metres

- LEM type mixer with a concrete capacity of about 0.75 m³. It is prearranged for filling the mould in the desired quantity and automatically determines the length of the wanted beam without needing the intervention of worker

- N. 1 automatic brushing machine, having a built-in oiler, which ensure cleaning of tanks after beam dismantling and leaves a layer of nebulised oil that allows a good dismantling of beam. Also these operations are performed without the intervention of a worker

- N. 2 oleo dynamic pumping units for rotating and translating the moulds

- N. Control board. The rotation of the machine can take place both clockwise and viceversa, according to the needs of the costumer


- Vibrating plate fitted with a vibrator

- Stop-heads covered with oil proof rubber at the sides

- Automatic pliers for picking up the already made panels

- Skip for supplying the batcher


Total installed power HP 14

Speed of translation of the conveyers 14 / 28 m/min

Pressure in operation n 60 BAR

Capacity of the batcher m³ 0.75

Casting capacity 0.040÷0.20 m³/min

Speed of joist production Min. 6 m/min max. 9 m/min

Number of workers needed 3