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for the production of slabs and panels with a catch pot with capacity of m³ 2,5, with internal mixer with geared motor high torque, mouth spreader volumetric principle.

Speed regulation is the widest possible and operates from 0 to 20 meters/minutes.

The DS4 can be accompanied by the following elements that make it suitable for different types of processing:

Bulkheads for closure and Jet width reduction operated independently from cylinders controlled directly from the electrical panel that allows the individual selection and simultaneous commands.

Vibration obtained with immersion vibrators controlled by autonomous switches that allow operation at will. striking off at hydraulic operation for finishing top of the panels

Hydraulic Brushing machine with rotating brush, 2.5 m of length, gearshift, rise and descent with electromechanical command from switchboard.

Oiling with 1 amp. pump and pressure nozzles driven simultaneously from the switchboard and combinable manually.

4 orthogonal and telescoping feet, motorized.

Electromechanical cable mono coil with magnetic coupling mounted special cable for mobile users section 4 x 25 mm

1 remote control with a transmitter, 1 receiver and 2 packets of batteries

1 portable control box

track working along the runway

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