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The CAAB was born in 1983 created by employees of the renowned firm CAVAZZA & ABBATI CAAB.

From the multiannual experience and the expertise of the firm Cavazza & Abbati, that operated in the 1960s during economic development, today the CAAB deploys capacity and seriousness in designing and manufacturing facilities, machinery, equipment and moulds for civil and industrial prefabrication, and engages in research of innovations and technologies to meet the ever-changing demands of the market.

The activity of CAAB not directed exclusively to Italian territory but stretches throughout the world through representations prestigious how society 3R for France, PASCUAL BLANC for Spain, CENTEC for Morocco and operates autonomously throughout Europe.

Our work is guaranteed by certificates of qualifications, such as the qualification of welders of mild steel as per UNI EN 287.1:2007.
  Sede CAAB Coop
Sede CAAB Coop

Centralina idraulica anni '60
Capriata doppia anni '70