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The track consists of a structured base frame with steel profiles covered by a sheet of 80/10 and fitted with handling plumbing of the sideboards and their hydraulic lockage. This frame is split into different modules of 12 m and it is supported by steel profiles with the base of the mountings.

The chassis has lateral sideboards, constructed of bent sheet at 40/10 and of tie plate made of sheet 50/10, enlivened by hydraulic cylinders. One sideboard is hinged batting against the plane of the track where it is inserted a special gasket and the other sideboard is moving to allow the production of different panels of different widths and they are fixed to the chassis by supports suitably prepared along the frame.

The track is placed on the ground by using anti-vibration and it has zones suitably reinforced and prepared to receive electric vibrators.

TheĀ sideboards have joint male/female.

The hinged sideboards is busy using hydraulic cylinders that allow opening and closing of the same, while the moving sideboard is moving through cylinders that allow a pantograph movement that absolves the ability to create articles of different widths.

The track is also provided by:

rubber stop-heads and magnets with a command button to be placed behind rubber stop-heads in special boxes of containment;

hydraulic system closing, opening and locking sideboard through hydraulic pistons complete with rigid and flexible hydraulic distributor, and commands;

The sideboard is busy in fields such as the subdivision of the modules with which it was built the track;

It is also equipped with a central plumbing service with 20 HP engine with no. 1 pump 5 l/min

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