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The formwork is built with plate 60/10 and large sections of steel that form the self-reacting structure

It is equipped with:

Longitudinal buffer that is lifted and repositioned by hydraulic arms, served by a central control;

Hydraulic locking and unlocking of longitudinal buffer;

Tension and reaction heads suitably structured and holed. There is a mobile grid of protection for the operator who works at tension equipment;

Hydraulic handling of the collars of relaxation cylinders;

Manual handling of higher buffer that gets the frame side;

Brackets on both sides of the mould for placing platforms;

Locking higher buffer to obtain a small section of the product;

Heating with finned pipe and lateral insulation with sandwich panels;

Vibration with pneumatic vibrators complete with sound absorber, attacks and taps;

Rubber stop head;

Hydraulic power box for the service, through distributors, of the movements of opening and closing of the upper longitudinal buffer, locking and unlocking of longitudinal upper buffer and opening and closing of the collars of the relaxation cylinders.

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